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Eyewitness Magazine:
“Sellers of Illegal CLs Target Teens”
by Linda Conlin

“Solutions in Pediatric Myopia Are Closer Than You Think”
By Linda Conlin (Page 15)

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We all get fed up, bored. We want to escape. OpticalCEU's News Blog offers a short retreat from your crazy day. Aside from snippets of news items, once found only on an array of optical sites, you can watch the most popular optical videos from YouTube, you can listen to MP3 files from Amazon, you can feed gold fish with a click (and you don't have to clean the tank), and you can play pinball (just remember to turn down your volume if you're in the store)

OpticalCEUs News Blog has a new residence at http://opticalceu.blogspot.com. "OpticalCEUs made the move in order to provide more services for the readers of the blog and attendees at its conferences," said Linda Conlin, founder of OpticalCEUs. “The search tool is more effective with the new site. We can provide news feeds from other sources of eye care news. Our design can be more up-to-date. Visit us aOpticalCEUs News Blog. The old blog will remain online indefinitely.

Course Evaluations for Fall 2010 Seminars
At the end of each seminar, ABO/NCLE asks attendees to evaluate it based on four questions: Was this course a worthwhile investment of time and energy, was the instructor organized and knowledgeable, will your job performance improve as a result of this course, and were the printed outcomes of the course me? There's one additional question: Should the course continue to be approved for CE? Again the seminars for OpticalCEUs received excellent evaluations.

Written comments from attendees: "Speakers are great.” “Very informative and educational." “Overall a great job!” “Re:  Why did you select this seminar?  'Location, price, knowledge of speakers on topics.'"

See the evaluations for yourselves. You can also see pictures from the conference at OpticalCEU's photo album, called Elegant Education That's OpticalCEUs.

OpticalCEUs Draws More Than
10 Dozen Opticians for Its Fall Seminar

OpticalCEUs today drew more than 120 opticians from Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, and Wisconsin. They came to the Conference Center at the lavish and elegant MGM Grand on the grounds of the Foxwoods Hotels and Casinos where they listened to Jean Davidson, Linda Conlin (left), and Herb Fletcher of Younger Optical discuss cosmetics and CLs, ANSI Standards for CLs, the history of eyewear, myopia and CLs, use of the new Sun Lens, the impact of the aging of baby boomers, and finally a CL fitting discussion.

In the morning, the opticians enjoyed complimentary coffee and tea, and for lunch, there was an elegantly displayed buffet of cold cuts, breads, salads, and desserts.

Linda Conlin founded F.E. Enterprises in 1998 as way of providing opticians with an additional option for earning continuing education. The periodic challenges found in a typical practice inspired her time and again to use her science background to find answers for the questions and issues that arose during her career. With such a wealth of information at her disposal, Linda found starting the conference—called OpticalCEUs—a natural extension of what she had been doing for years.

OpticalCEU's Starts Two
News Services for Opticians

OpticalCEUs has a news service that is updated daily. The site gathers news stories from around the world and links opticians to them. There are stories about new develops in the field, how athletes use optical equipment to improve their games, and how opticians are helping the world. The site is called Optical News from OpticalCEUs.rs (NCLE).

OpticalCEUs has instituted an additional blog about new developments regards products in the field and how manufacturers are promoting them. It's call Optical Product News from OpticalCEUs. Opticians can reach the sites by clicking the link in the left-hand column. They can also hook up to the sites using an RSS feed.

OpticalCEU's Adds New
Feature to Website and News Site

Recognizing the value of social networking to many individuals, OpticalCEU's has added a share link to its main webpage and to the individual items in the news site. It's called AddThis. It works simply. Place you cursor over the button, which has icons for Facebook, Google, email. Click the item you want, and then you can send the link to friends via email, Facebook, Google, MySpace, and many other Web 2.0 sites.

Attendees Give Spring 2010
OpticalCEU Conference High Marks

As required by the American Board of Opticianry (ABO) and the National Contact Lens Examiners (NCLE), OpticalCEUs asks opticians and optical personnel attending each of its annual conferences to rate the presentations and the speakers. Based on the questions required by ABO and NCLE, this is what attendees had to say about the Spring 2010 Conference. (Click the image.) For information about the evaluations of the 2009 Autumn Conference, click here.

AG Demands Halt of Illegal Sales
of Non-Corrective Cosmetic Contact Lenses
In April, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today demanded two retailers and two distributors to stop illegal sales of non-corrective cosmetic contact lenses. Under state law, only licensed eye care professionals can sell CLs .

He sent letters to 7-Eleven Inc., ExxonMobil, Wholesale Club, and AAA Discount demanding they stop selling the lenses, which change or enhance eye color. He also is seeking information on past sales, distribution, and any lens-related lawsuits. Blumenthal further demanded that consumers who request them be given refunds.. Attorney General's Office investigators found the lenses for sale in Hartford at a 7-Eleven and were notified by a consumer they were being sold in West Hartford at an ExxonMobil Station. They also learned that two distributors, Wholesale Club and AAA Discount, are selling the lenses to non-eye care professional retailers in Connecticut.

These lenses may be tainted as well as tinted,” Blumenthal said. “To protect their sight, consumers seeking cosmetic contact lenses should consult an eye care professional. “Improperly used cosmetic contact lenses can cause serious and severe injury—infections, corneal damage, even blindness. Sales of cosmetic contact lenses by non-professionals is illegal and dangerous and must cease immediately. Unlicensed retailers are breaking the law as well as putting consumers at risk of infection and vision loss. I urge consumers to shun store lenses, obtaining them instead from eye care professionals.

I will act aggressively—including court action if necessary—to halt illegal sales and distribution of cosmetic contact lenses in Connecticut.”

Blumenthal's letter demands an immediate sales halt and gives the businesses seven days from receipt to provide additional information.

Web site note: Report suspected violations to your state Department of Health: CT—860-509-7648; MA—617-624-6000; RI—401-222-5200; and NH—603-271-4501.

Record Attendance at OpticalCEUs
th Annual Spring Conference
On April 18, 2010, there was a record at the Foxwoods Resorts and Casinos. It went largely unnoticed by most, except for several score optical personnel. More than 150 opticians from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island learned about problems associated with contact lens solutions to a unique program about fitting eyewear at the 12th annual spring seminar for continuing education run by F.E. Enterprises. This year's program was held in the Grand Pequot Ballroom of the Grand Pequot Hotel.



NAO names Linda Conlin
of OpticalCEUs
Ambassador of the Year.

of Speake

Descriptions of Seminars

Attendee Evaluation
of the 2010 Autumn Conference

Attendee Evaluation
of the 2009 Autumn Conference




FYI: F.E.Enterprises, the parent company of OpitcalCEUs, maintains attendance and course completion records for five years.

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